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Risk Quantification with Archer: Analysis, Aggregation and Visualization


Companies don’t manage risk just to check the box anymore. Increasingly, boardsand executives are relying on input from risk functions to make business decisionsand guide the organization forward. Therefore, the expectation is placed on riskfunctions to have relevant information that is easily understood and depictedin business terms.

Chief Risk Officers and analysts can struggle with compiling a decision-ready view of the risksto strategic objectives. This eBook illustrates how Archer Insight can help your organization leverage quantification to create a more precise picture of risk across the enterpriseseen through the eyes of a CRO and risk analyst.

Download this eBook to learn howArcher Insight utilizes three fundamental ingredients: analysis, aggregation and visualizationto:

•  HelpCROs and risk analysts address difficult questions coming from the business; and

•  Improve your risk analysis methodologies.




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